Pre-K student escapes from school without campus employees noticing

A pre-kinder student walked out of an elementary in the middle of the day without anyone noticing.

Friday afternoon, 4-year-old Ismael Gonzalez walked right out of an emergency exit at Clover Elementary and slipped right under a fence before making a getaway to grandpa TMs house.

The little boy manage to run nearly half a mile before a stranger saw him and picked him up.

Gonzalez was smart enough to tell the woman his grandfather house was down the street from the school on the 300 block of Carroll Rd. in San Juan.

At first, his grandfather thought it was a teacher, but it was not until his sister came out and noticed she was not a school employee.

She immediately called Gonzalez TMs mother who was at work.

"It TMs a 4-year-old, it TMs my son| mother Virginia Gonzalez said. I thought my son was supposed to be safe here at school, and I am over there at work and during the week I am not going to be able to work right.

Little Ismael was later brought back to school by his grandfather.

According to the family, that TMs when the school found out Ismael had left.

Ismael later admitted the truth about how he escaped.

PSJA ISD is currently investigating this incident.

They are reviewing campus procedures and structures so an incident like this never happens again.

Below is the complete statement from PSJA:A Pre-Kinder student at Clover Elementary left the campus this morning by crawling under the fence behind the school to walk to his grandparent TMs house three doors down. The grandparents called the campus to notify them that the child was with them and shortly took him back to school.The campus and district administration have started an investigation into the matter, interviewing teachers and staff about the incident. A conference between the mother and the administrator was also held to discuss the situation.Clover Elementary, as all other schools in the district, have enforced new practices to prevent unknown visitors from entering the campus without consent and to prevent situations like this where students try to leave campus from occurring by placing permanent staff members at main entrances and closing all gates and fences during class time. School and district administrators are reviewing campus procedures and structures to prevent a repeat occurrence.We ask that parents help us remind their children to go to the office when they have a problem and not to leave campus without permission.