Pre-Kinder teacher feels faint while teaching then dies the next day

Students at Sorenson Elementary School in San Juan are learning about the loss of a beloved teacher.

"Eloisa was in her classroom with her students, everyone was working, children learning. we were notified she wasn't feeling well so we called the nurse."

Eloisa Rodriguez's 4-year-old students moved out of the classroom to their music class without noticing anything was wrong.

The 44-year-old PSJA ISD educator OF 23 years felt faint and needed to lie down but was more concerned about her students.

"She was alert and talking to us the whole time, she's so dedicated she insisted that the children not be scared that the children were okay."

Principal Maricela Cortez says everyone remained calm, mostly because Rodriguez was keeping the situation under control.

"It was very quiet, just her way just her way."

She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and Cortez and the rest of the staff waited for word that she would be back to work in a few days, but that never came.

"She wasn't getting better and she took a turn for the worse and yesterday evening she passed on."

Students and staff across the district are deeply affected by the sudden loss of the longtime educator but are finding comfort in remembering the woman who was always very passionate about her work and more importantly about the love she had for the children she taught.

"She will be sorely missed."