Pre-paid Visa card scam have police on alert

Several suspects are caught on tape running a pre-paid Visa card scam.

Weslaco police told Action 4 News the men are walking into Stripes stores to activate pre-paid Visa cards for several hundred dollars, and leaving without paying the amount.

On Monday, a man walked into Stripes store in Weslaco.

He told the clerk he'd return in thirty minutes, but never did.

The clerk began to deactivate the cards which were activated for several hundred dollars, but the money had been withdrawn at a Weslaco Walmart.

The pre-paid Visa card thefts have occurred at two stores in Weslaco and one in Donna.

So far, at least $1,500 has been stolen which makes the crime a felony.

Investigators believe there are at least four suspects involved.

"Surveillance video reveals that there may be a total of four suspects in a white Pontiac G6 vehicle" said Weslaco Police Spokesman J.P. Rodriguez.

If you can identify the suspects, call Weslaco Crime Stoppers at 968-8477(TIPS).

You could be eligible for a cash reward.