Precinct 1 candidates face off in 'Round 2'

Joel Quintanilla running for Pct 1 commissioner

It's been a little over a year since Joel Quintanilla and A.C. Cuellar faced off for the Hidalgo County Precinct 1 chair, and they TMre at it again.

The last time these two faced off, Quintanilla won the spot of Pct 1 commissioner.

Cuellar, who also held the seat for a short period of time as Interim Pct 1 Commissioner, said wasn't going down without another fight.

Their signs line the road ways of Pct 1 in Hidalgo County, just as they did over a year ago.

Both commissioner Quintanilla and Cuellar said there is still a lot of work ahead of Precinct 1, and both have big plans for the future. "A major issue here is drainage. We will fix our drainage issues here in the next four years, said Quintanilla. We need to start providing services that they so desperately need."

"We have a lot of issues in the precinct, said Cuellar. I know that I can make a difference."

In November of 2010, despite a state district judge ruling, there could only be one democratic candidate on the ticket.

A.C. Cuellar kept his name on the ballot by going in as a 'write in' candidate.

This after, Joel Quintanilla was named the democratic choice for the position.

This time around, both men will be on the ticket battling it out in the primaries, and only can come out on top for November.

Sylvia Handy stepped down as Pct 1 Commissioner in 2010 after being convicted of harboring illegal aliens.

She's still in prison.