Pregnant woman files complaint against Brownsville fire department

A complaint has now been filed against the city of Brownsville and its fire department.

This after an attorney claims the violated state law.

The complaint is filed with the equal employment opportunity commission - on behalf of 35-year-old Viviana Gaytan.

Gaytan has worked as a paramedic and firefighter for the Brownsville Fire Department for over two years.

Her doctor banned her from heavy activity or lifting for the remainder of her pregnancy.

But instead of being reassigned to desk duty-- Gaytan alleges Fire Chief Lenny Perez forced her to cash in her sick leave, vacation and FMLA.

Viviana Gaytan said, "I'm not fighting this just for myself I'm fighting this for future mothers, mothers-to-be, so we can all have a good equality - this shouldn't be done, this is not right."

Gaytan's lawyers would not comment on the specific doctor's orders-- but say city officials are clearly violating Gaytan's rights.

City Manager Charlie Cabler did not want to speak on camera but says:It's Gaytan's doctor who set many restrictions and the city feels it's safer for her to take leave during her pregnancy.

He adds she's not at risk of losing her job because she's pregnant.