Preparing for winter cold blast

With a cold front moving in to the Valley later this week, Cameron County officials urged residents to take certain measures to protect themselves from the frigid temperatures.

"This could be, I TMm hearing, one of the coldest fronts, if not the coldest front of the year," Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos told Action 4 News.

He said this staff is currently working on county wide measures in preparation for the cold front, expected to arrive on Thursday.

But he said individuals should follow certain suggestions.

"If you can avoid having to go out and travel, we encourage you not to do that," Cascos said, adding that if it is necessary to go out to dress in layers of clothing.

Under the expected freezing conditions, he also urged residents to take some measures to protect their home.

"Talk about maybe even turning on the water faucets outside just for little bit to avoid any type of freeze up," he said.

Inside the home, Cascos said the thermostat should be kept at comfortable level, which he said should be at around 65 or 70 degrees.

However, emergency management officials told Action 4 News homeowners should be careful about using other sources to heat their homes.

"Do not burn charcoal inside the home, Administrative Assistant Nathaniel Flores said. Burning charcoal increases the presence of carbon monoxide."

If anyone has any concerns or questions regarding how to protect themselves from the cold, they can contact the Cameron County Health Department at 956-247-3685.