Preventing animal euthanization, one animal at a time

In just one year, there's about 35,000 animals that are euthanized, but Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg offers tips on how you can prevent that.

They're wagging tail and soft eyes cry out to you, please please take me home.

Each one of the dogs and cats are up for adoption, but with so many coming in, there's always a need to make room for the next.

"If they don't get adopted, they get put down," said Luis Reyes who plans to adopt a pet at the center.

He said that's why he chose to adopt at Palm Valley Animal Center, a non-profit animal welfare agency that houses homeless animals from across Hidalgo County.

"You're saving a dogs life," he said.

Reyes has his eyes on a wide-eyed pup full of energy.

Reyes said he just wants to give him a second chance.

"I think it's pretty sad, I mean, why would you buy a dog and not be able to take care of it or not be responsible for it and let it loose and it end up here," said Reyes.

The fact is thousands of animals roam the streets of Hidalgo County.

The county has a contract with Palm Valley to house these animals and try to get them a home.

"We receive a little over 40 thousand animals a year, just here and that's just Hidalgo county. Unfortunately right now, there's not 40 thousand people looking for animals to adopt," said Shannon Ponce, the community outreach director.

If the animal isn't adopted, he gets euthanized.

A tough fact that Ponce said could be prevented if people spay or neuter their pets.

For more information on how you can prevent euthanization by adopting a pet, or how to spay or neuter your pet, head to the center's website: