Primera mother claims power was shut off for no reason

A Primera family finally has power after going almost a week without electricity.

Rebecca Anaya said she called the energy company multiple times, but was getting the runaround.

She turned to Action 4 News for help. Rebecca Anaya said she had no electricity and it was no fault of her own.

She said she TMs paying the consequences for the actions of the previous tenant.

A single mom with seven kids said living on social security is barely enough to make ends meet.

"One income a month. I have to live by that to support my kids it TMs not easy and for this to happen right when I move in," said single mother Rebecca Anaya, who was visibly upset and in tears.

Her electricity was shut off on Monday without warning.She said the hardest thing for a parent is to watch their kids suffer.

"They don TMt have no reason to be out here in the heat when I have paid everything for them. That just makes me look like I can TMt take care of my kids when I'm already doing my part," said the mother of seven.

She told us she's paying the price for someone else TMs mistake.

Anaya said called AmbitEnergy and they told her the previous tenant tampered with the smart meter.

"Since the lady had already tampered with it, AEP has a hold [so] no matter who this house gets rented to they will not be able to put any service unless certain documents are put in," said Anaya.

All the appliances in Anaya's home are electric and since the power has been out-her food spoiled.

"It smelled ugly," she recalls.

She couldn TMt cook and laundry piled up.Worst of all, her nine month old son was showing signs of heat stroke so he had to stay with other relatives.

Anaya told Action 4 News she was getting the runaround from the power company and felt she had nowhere else to turn.

We called AmbitEnergy Thursday and again Friday.By late Friday afternoon the hold was lifted and power was restored to Rebecca Anaya's home.

"I could not thank you guys enough especially for sending them all that email. I don TMt think I would have my light on if I had just waited or not called anybody I think I would still go the weekend or more without no light, said Anaya.

An Ambit Energy spokesperson told us when Anaya tried to put the energy bill under her name, a switch hold was put in place and due to policy they were waiting for authorization to lift it.

They add that they are happy to have Rebecca Anaya as a customer.