"Primera Prowler" escapes from hospital with help of two men

Primera police believe these two men helped a prowling suspect escape

Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding a prowling suspect and two men who allegedly helped him escape from a local hospital.

Primera police took 32-year-old Ray Martinez into custody on Monday.

Officers were called to a home on Angel Street for a prowler but reported finding Martinez laying on the ground highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol.

Paramedics took Martinez to the Harlingen Medical Center for treatment but he left without authorization from doctor TMs or police on Wednesday morning.

Primera Police Chief Manuel Trevio said surveillance cameras from the hospital recorded two unknown men who allegedly gave Martinez clothes and a ride.

Martinez and both men are now wanted for questioning.

Court records show that Harlingen police arrested Martinez for shoplifting and cocaine back in April and that he's wanted for a probation violation in a marijuana case from Kleberg County.

Chief Trevio told Action 4 News that police knew about Martinez TMs criminal record at the time he was hospitalized.

Although Harlingen Medical Center has its own security, Chief Trevio said officers left Martinez without police supervision because he was not wanted for a violent crime.

Anyone with information about Martinez or the two men is asked to call Primera Police Crime Stoppers at (956) 536-0776.