Primera woman honored for helping co-worker deal with 3 family deaths

Everyone at Primera City Hall is in on this week TMs Pay it 4Ward surprise except for Ronnie Flores."I need to talk to you," Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf said to her in the middle of the office.Ronnie thinks Action 4 News is here to question a public concern.Her co-worker, Paula Richards, actually nominated Ronnie for her selfless acts of kindness over the last 16 years while working together.She listened to the interview from her office and waited for her cue to give a special thanks."Actually, the viewer that contacted me had a concern," Ryan said to Ronnie. "And it's not good news.""It's not?" she asked. "It's great news," Ryan responded. "And I want to bring that viewer out here right now. Paula come on in.""Ronnie, you have been here for me when my daughter died, my husband died," she said. "My grandson recently died. And you've always been there and you've always listened. You're always the first one that everyone calls when they need help. You volunteer. So I'm here to Pay it 4Ward for you Ronnie. Here's $100, $200, $300, $400!"Thank you," Ronnie says while crying."This is on behalf of Channel 4 and FNB Insurance," Paula explained. You're very special."Paula considers Ronnie to be her rock.In 2000, her daughter Shirley Ann Richards died of cancer.Eight years later, heart disease took her husband Sam Richards away.Ronnie helped Paula through it all."I TMm overwhelmed with joy that somebody actually appreciates me as she does," Ronnie said.Last June, Paula's grandson and fellow city co-worker, Parker Richards, lost his battle to cancer.But before he passed away, Ronnie volunteered to take on Paula's workload for more than a month so she could be by her dying grandson's side."Did you really do that?" Ryan asked her. "Where do you get that kindness? Ronnie points to her own struggles as her source for wanting to do good for others."My parents were not together and I got married very young," she said. "They're things that have happened to me that whenever somebody needs help I'll try my best."Her incredible attitude is something Bill Jones with FNB Insurance says is an inspiration."It's so nice to participate in this Pay it 4Ward program to meet people that have such a big heart and such great acts of kindness," the sales director told her. "On behalf of Action 4 News and FNB Insurance Agency, thank you and we love Paying it 4Ward."It comes with their $400 prize."I just feel really proud right now," Ronnie said. "Pay it 4Ward."Ronnie isn TMt sure what she TMll use her money to buy.Paula believes however she decides to spend it, will be much deserved. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on TwitterClick here to nominate somebody for the Pay it 4Ward prize
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