Prison sentence for man who illegal crossed border with gold, diamond gun

      U.S. Attorneys Office: gold, diamond and ruby encrusted Colt 38 Super handgun.

      A 28-year-old Mexican national was sentenced to a 60-month prison term and three years of supervised released for entering the U.S. illegally with a gun in October 2011.

      Since his arrest in 2011, Luis Nino-Duenes has been in custody. He pleaded guilty on June 19, 2012 when he admitted to having crossed into the U.S. with a customized gold, diamond and ruby encrusted Colt 38 Super handgun.

      Nino-Duenes went before a U.S. District Court Judge on Tuesday. During the hearing, evidence showed that the 28-year-old was a member of the Gulf Cartel for three years prior to his arrest.

      After his arrest, Nino-Duenes joined a prison gang known as the Partido Revoluionario Mijicano.

      The case was investigated by Homeland Security Investigators, and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Castro.