Prisoner of War: A soldier's experience

"I remember I had a grenade when I got captured, said Gregorio Gonzalez.

Gonzalez loves to talk about his time in the army, especially for National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day.

He was a soldier in the seventh division and had joined when he was 18-years-old.

He borrowed money from a recruiter to register to vote, in 1950. Gonzalez served during the Korean war.

"My commander said hold it, they are going to hit us at night so everybody got ready and so he said everyone sleep now 30 minutes or 40 minutes and be ready for whatever happens, Everybody got their grenades ready so he fell asleep and his grenade went off and killed him," said Gregorio Gonzalez

His memories of his time at war are vivid.

On December 2nd, the then teenager, was captured by enemy soldiers.

Gonzalez was tortured and survived a shot to the head.

"I don TMt know why but about that time it didn TMt seem to bother me much because I had lost a lot of good friends, now it TMs different. It hits me," said Gregorio Gonzalez

Gonzalez said its hard dealing with all the painful memories, what has helped him, is the power of prayer; the love he endures from the community.

"Feels before any questions I want to start by thanking everybody, all the people in the valley when remember the veterans they are always there with no reservation they are always there," added Gregorio Gonzalez

Gonzalez said important that we always support our valley servicemen and women. They pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.