Private Investigator: Brenda Dominguez did not commit suicide at UTPA

Raul Reyna, a high-profile private investigator with Gotcha Investigations in Edinburg, has spent the last week taking statements from people closest to Brenda Dominguez. "She said that, uh... That, that week... She just told me... She said... 'I have been raped,'" Brenda's friend said in a tape recorded statement with the private investigator. Raul claims there's a clear motive in the case. "The motive is the fact that Brenda believed that she was pregnant with the child of one or more of the gang members," he said. One that proves she did not commit suicide by jumping to her death from a third-story building, as some believe, on the campus of the UTPA. "She could have been coerced or aided in jumping or she could have easily been thrown off," Raul explained. The Edinburg North High School junior died back in February. A pathologist ruled her death as a suicide. She reportedly left a note behind. But her friends claim she was raped by multiple people two months prior to her reported suicide."That Brenda reached out to them... Made an outcry... An outcry that she had been sexually assaulted and gang raped on several occasions by several members who she named in her outcry to her friends...

Several members of the gang, West Side 1018," Raul said.According to his investigation, Brenda was affiliated with the gang because of her alleged on-and-off relationship with at least two known members. He says Brenda went with a friend to a women's clinic in January to find out if she was pregnant. The result was negative. Raul still believes certain gang members wanted to ensure she did not have the baby. "Brenda did tell her friends that she was in fear of her life... Because she was scared of the gang members and specifically her ex-boyfriend who was in the gang that was very upset and would have been very upset and assaulted her physically if he had known that she would have been pregnant with his child." Reporter: What was the reaction of the family to that news? Raul: I would describe it as sheer disappointment. As of this date... West Side 1018 gang members have not been interviewed... Have not been looked up by local pd or by anyone in regards to her death. The family wants the case investigated further. They want justice for their daughter and plan to file a police report with the Edinburg PD against the alleged gang members who sexually assaulted Brenda before her death. Their private investigator says he has made several attempts to meet with campus police about the new findings but has yet to hear back. A statement by UTPA to Action 4 News indicates the case remains open: The University of Texas-Pan American's police department maintains an open investigation into high school student Brenda Dominguez's tragic death - a death that shook our entire campus community. A final report released in May on the autopsy performed on Dominguez indicates that the manner of death was suicide. Anyone who has additional helpful information that has not yet been shared with the UTPA police department is welcome to contact the police at (956) 665-7151." Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook pageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter