Procedure May Be New Path to Relief for Sinus Sufferers

Sinus Institute of South Texas

The Rio Grande Valley is an area widely known for weather that aggravates the condition of those suffering from sinus problems.

Now a new procedure is blowing up a simple path to an easier life for patients.

Dr. Vincent Honrubia of the Sinus Institute of South Texas says most patients are, "Fed up with over the counter medication|they want to be dependent on taking something to feel normal."

They are desperate for a permanent solution to their chronic sinus problems which include several variations.

"They can't breathe, they snore, post-nasal drip, basically any type of sinusitis," said Dr. Honrubia.

He says the answer lies in a new procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty.

In comparison to older methods which require a general anesthetic, removal of tissue, and packing, Balloon Sinuplasty uses only one simple tool.

The balloon opens the natural sinus passage.

"By doing it with the balloons, what happens is you expand the tissue without removing tissue, so you don't get any bleeding, any packing, after the surgery," Dr. Honrubia says.

So non-invasive, in fact, that the procedure is performed in his office in only 1-hour.

Patients can even return to work in one day.

The results speak for themselves

The procedure has only been done in the U.S. for 5 years, but statistics show that 93-percent of those who have undergone Balloon Sinuplasty see results for a length of time.

"We've been doing it in the Valley for about 9 months and we have total reduction of patients TM nasal symptoms about 70% after 1 month after their procedure," stated Dr. Honrubia.

And with the age of patients ranging from the young, to the young at heart, there's one common factor that pulls them together.

A better quality of life starts with a clear passage to their airways.