Process to fill Hidalgo County top lawman TMs spot to begin in coming months

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino

Now the process begins to find someone to fill the spot for Hidalgo County TMs top cop.

Hidalgo County Democratic Party Chair Kelly Salazar said the county commissioners will appoint an interim sheriff next Wednesday.

But that person will only hold office for the next few months until the next election rolls around.

That election will take place this coming November.

No specific date has been set yet by the Secretary of State.

But Salazar says the party will meet from June 16th to August 31st to select their candidate to run on the ballot for sheriff. Salazar says announcement will be made when selection process begins.

"Give those candidates an opportunity to be heard by the county executive committee so an informed decision is being made, Salazar said.

Hidalgo County Republicans are expected to do the same, with the two candidates facing off in the election in November.

The winning candidate would immediately take office post-election, and serve a two year term completing the term, Sheriff Trevino was originally elected to fill.

At this time Salazar says has not received any petitions on behalf on any interested nominees. Salazar says the selection process should be open to the public to instill confidence in the voters that the process is being done correctly.