Progreso city manager under investigation for violating probation

Open beer can found inside abandoned SUV // Viewer Photo

Progreso City Administrator Alfredo Esinposa is under fire and now, under investigation.

The Hidalgo County Probation Office is investigating if he violated the terms of his probation for a DWI conviction.

Authorities found his name badge and an open beer can inside an abandoned SUV belonging to City of Progreso early Thursday morning.

A resident reported the abandoned explorer when he saw it was stuck in the mud off Military Road.

The Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Constables were called to investigate.

"By the time we got out there, the vehicle, it was unoccupied," Deputy Constable Raul Lozano Jr. said.

Inside the vehicle, investigators found an open beer can, and it was still cold.

"It was three quarters full, it was a fresh can, it wasn TMt an empty beer can and it had a quite a bit in it," Lozano said.

Progreso City Attorney Javier Espinosa was driving the SUV when he got stuck in the mud.

Espinosa was allegedly taking measurements of land to settle a dispute between the City Of Progreso and the City of Weslaco.

But residents like San Juanita Reyna believe Espinoza was drinking while driving the city-owned vehicle.

"If he was out here taking measurements, my question is why was there beer inside the city vehicle," she asked.

Espinosa has a record of driving while intoxicated arrests and is currently on two years probation for a May 2012 DWI in Mercedes.

Action 4 News contacted the Hidalgo County Probation office, we are told they have launched an investigation to determine whether Espinoza violated his probation.

"What is it going to take... a life, Reyna asked. Are we going to wait till he kills somebody drinking and driving?"

Villalobos said the city has launched an investigation to determine who the beer can belonged too because several city employees use the vehicle.

"He drives that vehicle, he is the one that has that one," Reyna insisted.

Residents told Action 4 News that this incident is just the lastest example of Progreso city officials abusing their power.

Just earlier this year, FBI agents arrested the town's mayor, his school board president brother and their father in a "pay to play" bribery scheme.