Progreso residents angry over bribery scandal, tax increase

Progreso residents angry over bribery scandal, tax increase

The Progreso City Commission voted to raise taxes 28 cents for every hundred dollars today.

But taxpayers want to know where that money is going and why it TMs not being used for city maintenance like filling potholes and installing street lights.

Elsa Vela lives just three blocks from Progreso City Hall.

Her street has so many potholes you have to zig zag as you drive to avoid the deep holes.

This is nothing to us, when it rains the roads are worse, Vela said.

Vela and about two dozen angry Progreso residents voiced their concerns about the cities tax increase at the city commission meeting Thursday morning.

Every year they TMve been raising our taxes, Vela said. Why aren TMt our streets fixed?

Progreso City Attorney, Javier Villalobos, said this year TMs tax increase will be used to pay for a badly needed public safety building.

The police station is definitely not up to pare for a small municipality, Villalobos said. There is no holding area, no waiting area, if I am correct it TMs just one office.

Resident San Juanita Reyna agrees a bigger police station is needed but is worried that the funding for the project will be used to line the pockets of city officials.

Accountability is what she says she wants.

Reyna questioned why the city mayor who was recently bonded out of jail after being arrested and charged for his alleged role in a bribery scheme involving the city and the school district, wasn TMt present at the city commission meeting.

He TMs brought shame to our city and we need him to step down, Reyna said. We don TMt need a mayor like that, we need somebody that will do for the people and not for their pocket.

Resident Alicia Pena said she is tired of empty promises city officials make.

They TMre not doing anything for our city, no street lights, no paved roads, and too many potholes Pena said.

She points to poorly built gazebos at the city park and the fact that no lighting has been installed in the parking area or on jogging trails.

In a city named Progreso, residents claim city officials are doing everything but progress.

The only thing you see in the city is the $100 thousand homes that each of the sons of Guadalupe have, Reyna said. They are the only ones that are progressing in Progreso.