Prominent valley attorney fires back at allegations

Barratry, also called ambulance chasing, is the illegal solicitation of employment.

It often happens after car accidents.

A lawyer or his representative will approach an accident victim and then offer legal services.

That is illegal.

Calls to Ezequiel Reyna's Weslaco office went unreturned Friday.

Reyna is accused of barratry.

Although he did not call Action 4 News back, court documents revealed his feelings toward the lawsuit he faces.

In the documents, Reyna denied "each and every allegation."

He's described as suffering "mental anguish," "lost business" and "public ridicule" as a result of a news article about the lawsuit.

Reyna is now suing the plaintiff, a disabled veteran according to court documents.

He accuses the veteran of defamation, libel and slander.

The plaintiff's attorney, David Willis, first talked to Action 4 News in December.

Friday, Willis declined to comment on the counterclaim against his client.

The disabled veteran alleged that a man claiming to work for Ezequiel Reyna repeatedly called him on his cell phone following a car accident.

Court documents showed the veteran did not know how the man got his phone number.

Once a meeting was set up, court records showed the veteran got a business card from a legal assistant with Ezequiel Reyna's name on it.

According to Reyna's counterclaim, the veteran or someone representing him was the first to call Ezequiel Reyna's law offices, requesting legal services after his car accident.

David Willis is also representing two other clients in barratry cases out of Cameron County.

In those cases, defendant Rene Hinojosa was arrested for posing as a lawyer.