Proposed cell phone ban for bus, truck drivers

We see it all the time, distracted drivers talking or texting behind the wheel.

Now the United States Government is proposing prohibiting commercial truck and bus drivers from using cell phones while driving.

The move would effect millions, but the city of McAllen has already taken a pro active approach.

"This last February we approved a policy that bans the use of any personal communication device while operating a bus", said Transportation Director Elizabeth Suarez.

"When your operating a bus your not just responsible for your life, but you take into your hands the life of all the passengers your carrying as well as the lives of all the passengers on that street with you", Suarez goes on to say.

Action 4 News spoke to McAllen City Bus Driver Carlos Zambrano who is happy with the ban.

"We do carry passengers everyday, and it's just a safety issue here with MET no cell phones at all on the buses", said Zambrano.

But again, this is just a proposal by the Federal Government to ban cell phone use for commercial truck and bus drivers.

A final ruling is expected sometime in late February.

"It's something we will definitely follow very closely", said Transportation Director Elizabeth Suarez.