Prosecutors seek $100 million in cocaine profits, property

A McAllen man is among 11 people named in a multi-million dollar cocaine trafficking case in Beaumont

Two Rio Grande Valley residents are among 11 people named in a federal indictment where prosecutors are seeking to seize $100 million dollars worth of cocaine profits and property.

A federal grand jury in Beaumont recently handed down a cocaine trafficking and money laundering indictment against 11 people:

Jerry Trevio, 46, Spring Alvin Nelson, 60, Houston Thomas Drew Widak, 44, Houston Cesar I. Alvarez-Barrera, 43, Tomball Eduardo Silva, 39, Roma Juan Javier Correa, 53 McAllen Douglas Francis Waindel, 29, Atlanta Jaime Luis Vivero-Flores, 46 Houston Jesus Amaya-Saenz, 29 Hockley Alfredo Soto-Valdez, 39 Austin Sandra Calderon Martinez, 31 Houston

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents fanned the Lone Star State and Georgia in search of the suspects on Wednesday morning.

That search brought authorities to the Gumwood Avenue home of suspect Juan Javier Correa in McAllen.

Correa was not home and is listed as a fugitive in the case along with Jesus Amaya-Saenz of Hockley and Sandra Calderon Martinez of Houston.

Investigators reported that Correa is also believed to be the leader of a major drug trafficking organization.

Authorities reported that Roma resident Eduardo Silva was arrested in the operation.

According to the indictment, authorities are seeking $100 million dollars in cash and property, which prosecutors claim are profits from drug trafficking.

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