Prostitute jailed after offering undercover person services

Susana Moreno Aguilar // Harlingen PD

A woman is arrested after she offered sexual services to an undercover individual.

The Harlingen Department Special Investigations Unit (SIU) ran an undercover prostitution sting near the 300 block of W. Van Buren Street Thursday afternoon.

Harlingen police said that a cooperating individual was driving around the area attempting to find subjects involved with prostitution.

The individual met Susana Moreno Aguilar on the intersection of C Street and Van Buren Street.

According to police, Aguilar offered to exchange sexual favors for money.

Harlingen police arrested Aguilar for prostitution 3rd or more, a State Jail Felony.

According to the Harlingen Police Department, Aguilar TMs previous convictions were June 6, 2008 and May 9, 2013.

Aguilar was transported and booked at the Harlingen City Jail.

Authorities charged the woman with prostitution 3rd or more.

A bond is currently pending.