Prostitute, pimp and solicitor arrested after car accident

Where accident took place

What police believed to be a minor car accident lead to an arrest of an alleged prostitute, an alleged pimp and the solicitor.

Angie Castillo, Jorge Villarreal and Fernando Fernandez were arrested on Saturday morning.

Castillo was charged with prostitution.

Villarreal was charged with solicitation of prostitution and Fernandez was charged with promotion of prostitution.

Brownsville police said Villarreal was supposed to pay Castillo for sexual favors.

Fernandez held Villarreal TMs license as collateral.

The deal was that after the sexual favors were performed, Villarreal would pay $70.

Police said Villarreal took the deal.

Castillo got in the car and the alleged pimp followed them.

"According to Fernando he thought she was going to be kidnapped, said Investigator J.J. Trevino. I guess when they got close to the bridge, he thought maybe they were going across.

That TMs when police said the pimp panicked, causing a minor accident and cutting Villarreal off hitting the Dodge Stratus.

Authorities arrived at the scene which they thought was just a traffic accident and later ended up with all three facing prostitution related charges.

The trio were all taken to the Brownsville Jail on Saturday just before 8 a.m.

Castillo was given a $1,000 bond. Villarreal and Fernandez were given $2,000 bonds.