Protecting your pets from fleas and ticks

Juan Guanajuato has been grooming dogs for seven years.

He said, in those years, he has not seen the flea and tick problem as serious as it is now.

"Every year it keeps getting worse, Guanajuato said. This year was non -stop."

Guanajuato said some dogs that recently came into his shop were so badly infested that he had to turn them away.

"We can't afford to get our shop infested, Guanajuato said. Now that we're selling the puppies"we want to avoid that scenario"we don't want our puppies infested with fleas and ticks."

According to the Center for Disease Control website, these creepy crawlers can have a devastating effect on your four-legged friend"if not properly treated.

"Some puppies have even chewed off their skin"because they can't stop scratching, Guanajuato said. It can be really bad for them."

To prevent this from happening to your pet make sure to keep your yard cut, debris clear, and pet groomed.

Also, avoid areas where there is a high population of animals"like dog parks.