Protecting yourself from the flu

Since the flu outbreak started nearly 2 dozen children have died and hundreds more have fallen ill to this treatable virus.

The flu-season has yet to peak Texas and officials are urging everyone to protect themselves with the flu shot.

While many know the basics of keeping healthy during flu season"Area Sales Mangers with AT&T, Olympia Reyes told Action 4 News many forget about their cell phones.

"One thing that we're promoting is wiping down your phone, Reyes said. You don't think about how many germs your putting on your phone and them putting that to your face--that's transmitting right over."

Reyes said, simply take a disinfectant cloth, squeeze out the excess liquid, and then wipe the phone down.

Afterward, take a dry paper towel and dry the phone off.

She said the moisture will not hurt the phone.

While a phone may carry harmful bacteria if not kept clean---it also carries very helpful information to stay ahead of the flu.

Reyes said the ~Fight the Flu TM and ~Health Map TM apps are easy ways to get health alerts and figure out if you have symptoms leading to the flu.