Protestors upset by state program shutting down Valley pharmacies

Dozens gathered in Weslaco on Wednesday to show their disapproval for a new program that is causing independent pharmacies to cut jobs and close down.

Under this new program, Medicaid is dropping reimbursements so low that now many local independent pharmacies can TMt stay afloat.

The most recent victim of this newest law is Mom's Pharmacy in Weslaco, who just last week closed their doors.

"This represents a huge chunk of my life, said Dr. Lydia Aguilera, owner of Mom TMs Pharmacy. Ive been a pharmacist for 30 years for those 30 years I've been honing skills gathering knowledge to serve as the best pharmacist I could be.

Dr. Aguilera had to say goodbye to her business that employed seven but said the concern here is ultimately patient care.

The pharmacist said it will be impossible for major chains to offer services the way they do.

Like taking ample time with the customers, teaching them about their prescriptions and delivering their products.

And its not just pharmacy owners who are struggling with these cuts, employees at these businesses are too.

Mary Ann Longoria worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Mom TMs Pharmacy for seven years and is now forced to look for a new job. She has three children and has been applying at different pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreen's but feels given the unemployment rate in valley it, and the influx in Pharmacy Techs because of layoffs, it wont be easy to get hired.

But in this equation the employer and employee are not the only ones suffering.

Marta Sanchez with La Union del Pueblo Entero, a non-profit organization for human rights said the most affected people here are low income families.

She said those who live in isolated areas like colonias will have a harder time filling their prescription because they rely on delivery services from independent pharmacies. Dr. Aguilera hopes the valley will support their cause and had a message for state leaders.

Please help us, you TMre the only ones that could help us at this point."

The business owner urges the public to take action and place a phone call or email their state leaders.

To contact Govenor Rick Perry's office click on the link below:

To file a complaint with Texas State and Human Services head to: