PSJA ISD to target drop outs door-to-door

School drop out rates are decreasing and the PSJA Independent School District told Action 4 News they want to make sure it stays that way.

Instead of waiting until school is underway to start home visits promoting attendance, administrators with PSJA isd are starting with the first day.

Superintendent Dr. Daniel King said it's important to start knocking on doors early to inform parents and students about showing up to school and identifying those at risk of dropping out.

"We're trying to get a high percentage of kids in on the first day and not have them wait until the third and fourth day or second week," Dr. King told Action 4 News. "The sooner we get them in, the sooner we identify those that are struggling and thinking of not coming back. We can really focus on those students."

Other school districts wait until September to start their door to door efforts of getting children to come to school.

Action 4 News wants to know what you think about the issue.

Do you think more school districts should follow suit and make home visits like these before the first day of school?

Do you think they make a difference in a student's attendance?

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