PSJA Southwest students start New Year with Katy Perry video

Katy Perry in the video of her hit song "Roar"

PSJA Southwest students found a unique way to start the second half of the school year.

Dozens of students and staff spent part of their day on Tuesday filming a unique video.

It was all part of a class project.

Students and staff participated in their own version to create a video for pop star Katy Perry's hit song "Roar."

Named "Southwest Roar 2014," the walk-through video winds through the school as students and teachers each show off their moves for the camera.

PSJA ISD spokeswoman Arianna Hernandez said the video was all part of a team-building activity with staff.

Hernandez said the video was done to welcome students and teachers back to classes after Christmas vacation and get them excited about the start of the semester.

The video posted to YouTube on Tuesday and has started to be shared across the Rio Grande Valley.