PUB project diverts school traffic in Brownsville

A $46,000,000 Brownsville Public Utilities Board project has taken over several streets in Brownsville.

PUB spokesperson Lucy Hernandez says, "We're having to replace some lift stations and some sewer lines." The project brings the sewer system TMs 80 year old sewer lines up to par, but has stuck a wrench in the traffic flow in and around Palm Boulevard and Ringgold streets where two different schools sit.

PUB TMs project has shut down St. Joseph Drive which leads to St. Joseph's Academy and is a side street for Sharp Elementary which starts welcoming back students very soon. St. Joe's is already in session and the only entrance into the school is now located off Calle Retama where we find Brownsville Police directing traffic consisting of parents and residents of the area and students walking to and from school. Police say drivers here need to be extra cautious.

Officer Eddie Garcia says "There will be extra enforcement out there. Officers will be on the lookout for any violators." Plus, with Sharp Elementary ringing the bell for the start of fall on Monday morning, traffic will be 10 times more congested around these streets because of those students and parents trying to get in and out.

Officer Garcia says, "That's why we encourage drivers to be on the lookout because school is coming up and we will be in full force."

PUB says St. Joseph Drive should be back open in October.

Until then, Brownsville drivers should keep a sharp eye out for backed up traffic and students getting back to school.

Hernandez with PUB says, "We do apologize for the inconvenience, but it is necessary to upgrade the sewer system within those areas."

We contacted Brownsville ISD and St. Joe's Academy and did not get a statement of their plans for traffic flow, but clearly St. Joe's has only the one way in and out off Calle Retama.

Here TMs a link to PUB TMs project list where you can view road closures and maps to help plan your commute.