'Punishment phase' begins for Alton massacre trial

A Hidalgo County jury is back in the courthouse this week.

They're tasked with deciding the fate of an Alton man accused of killing his three children and mother in law.

The punishment phase for the capital murder trial of Roberto Rojas resumed Monday in the 398th State District Court.

Jurors convicted him on Thursday of slaying his two-year-old son, two stepsons and mother-in-law, before nearly killing his estranged wife back in December of 2008.

"If I would've known, I wouldn TMt have fought, his wife Amelia Flores said. I was fighting to see them. If I would've known, I would've died with them and I would be with them right now and this pain that I feel would stop."

Flores described the night she was fighting for her life, only to find out later that Rojas had killed her three sons and her mother.

"I realized they were there, they were under my feet, she said. They were not coming back.

So I fell into a deep depression that I didn TMt want to live anymore, I tried to commit suicide several times," Flores added.

Other relatives are expected to give more testimony during the punishment phase of the trial.

Prosecutors asked the jury of six men and six women to send Rojas to death row.