Puppies killed, Harlingen family left homeless in fire

A Rio Hondo ISD employee and her family lost their home and most of their belongings to a fire on Wednesday evening.

Flames charred the insides of Rosie Silva TMs mobile home on Palma Vista Road in Harlingen.

Her family made it out safely, but her son broke down in tears as he watched his home turn to ash.

We don TMt have anything but the clothes in our back, Silva said, among sobs.

Part of those tears had to do with losing nearly everything, but also because of the loss of life the fire took for them.

My puppies, she said, trailing off into tears. Silva had two pit bull puppies inside the home that were not pulled out to safety.

Once Harlingen fire crews took control of the fire, they went into the back part of the home and were able to pull about four adult dogs from the smoky home.

It is good news, but little consolation for the Silva family, having lost their home.

Action 4 News contacted the Red Cross on their behalf, and they will be stepping in to help while they get back on their feet.

In the meantime, the family is asking for any donations to help do just that.

Anyone wishing to help can donate to a Wells Fargo account under the name Rosalinda Silva.

The Harlingen Fire Department is not releasing information on what may have caused the fire.