Purse snatcher steals over 15 hundred dollars

Mission police are doing what they can to track down the people responsible for stealing credit cards and making numerous charges in someone else TMs name.Viola Longoria was in the holiday spirit.She said she was getting ready for a Christmas party in Weslaco while her car sat in the parking lot in front of Best Western palm Aire Motor Inn & Suites."For about 5 minutes, I walked out got my purse, I gave somebody something, and I put the purse back in, locked the door walked back in within 10 minutes, then I walked back out and everything was broken into," said Viola Longoria.Longoria said there was broken glass on the floor, and her purse was gone."You can't look into my vehicle and see the purse, so I had to have been watched there," she said.Longoria admits she didn't think twice about leaving her purse in the car because her windows are tinted.She thought the purse was outside of view, and it was in broad daylight."They took my purse with all my stuff my wallet cash and credit cards and business checks," said Longoria.In total, the thief made away with over 36 hundred dollars, including the 15 hundred dollar Louis Vuitton purse and a one thousand dollar wallet."These were gifts. Somebody gave me these gifts, and now they're gone," she said.The thief took no time charging up the stolen credit cards at Target stores in Mission and McAllen."Credit cards are used and most of the times the clerks do not ask for any identification. It's through the use of video that we are able to investigate these types of crimes and come up with an identity," said Mission assistant police chief Martin Garza.Mission police are doing what they can to ID the perpetrator, but it helps if someone in the community takes a close look at the surveillance to see if they recognize the person.Longoria may have lost some very valuable items, but she's learned to be more careful about what she leaves in her car.Mission police said there is another woman involved who they suspect was involved.She was seen driving a black Expedition.Anyone with information is urged to contact police.