Pursuits increasing all over the Valley

San Juan Police Department prepare for their daily duties.

Police pursuits are increasing all over the Valley. They are dangerous, sometimes even fatal.

Day to day law enforcement officers put their lives on the line. The unexpected could happen at any time.

Regarding high speed pursuits, we started to see a lot more within the last months and weeks, said San Juan Police Sergeant, Rolando Garcia.

Sgt. Garcia said pursuits are not only increasing in San Juan, they are happening all over the Valley.

The department must prepare their officers-in-training for what it TMs like on the streets of the Rio Grande Valley.

Sgt. Garcia said that before letting their officers out, trainees must pass the test by going 0 to 50 in a matter of minutes and staying away from the cones.

A course is set up on a drag strip with numerous cones near the Edinburg airport.

The course gives officers practice at maneuvering at a high speed.

Getting the feel of the car, you build confidence in them and they can start controlling the vehicle better in the pursuit. The end result is safety being increased.

Officers are also being trained on how to make the stop a controlled stop where the officer is in control and not the suspect.

San Juan Police said training is key to have a safe environment.

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