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      Push for Hidalgo Co sheriff to resign amid Panama Unit scandal

      A website, Facebook page and an online petition are all aimed at getting Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino to resign

      A website, Facebook page and an online petition are all aimed at getting Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino to call it quits.

      "For him to step aside so the taxpayers, the voters, can have confidence in our county sheriff's department," Lupe Chavez, Jr. said.

      Chavez is the person behind the resignation campaign.

      The self-proclaimed community watchdog from Pharr wants to petition county commissioners to get the sheriff to step down amid the growing Panama Unit scandal.

      The now disbanded anti-drug unit has become synonymous with corruption after 9 law enforcement officers, including the sheriff's son, have been charged in connection with helping traffickers.

      "He is the leader of a multimillion dollar agency," Chavez said. "We are taxpayers. And I think if I were an employee or a county deputy and my leader's son and high ranking officials like the former Crimestoppers director had been indicted on federal drug charges, it would make me feel uncomfortable and question his leadership."

      The sheriff calls Chavez's attempt to get him to resign nonsense.

      Trevino did not want to appear on camera but he did tell Action 4's Ryan Wolf over the phone how he believes Chavez has his own political agenda.

      He also talked about having the continued support of county commissioners and the county judge, adding how he has never been formally accused, indicated or charged with any crime.

      Precinct 1 Commissioner A.C. Cuellar admits the federal probe is a black cloud over the county but his faith in the sheriff remains unwavering.

      "I think he's done a tremendous job for our county," Cuellar said. "I think this is too premature and for right now I stand by him."

      Chavez has a criminal record that prevents him from running for an elected office.

      He claims to have no political motive.

      "I'm just here to provide a voice to the people."

      His goal?

      To simply restore faith in the sheriff's department.

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