Pushing stroller into curb ends with injury to child charges

Kirby Allen Chesser // Harlingen Police Department Photo

A Harlingen man is behind bars after an incident where he allegedly pushed a stroller into a curb, knocking it forward and injuring his 2-year-old son.

Harlingen police arrested 26-year-old Kirby Allen Chesser on an injury to a child charge over the weekend.

Court records released on Wednesday show that the incident happened on a sidewalk near Boggus Stadium off South 13th Street around 3 p.m. Saturday.

Witnesses saw Chesser pushing a stroller into a sidewalk curb knocking it forward.

Police reported that Chesser TMs 2-year-old son was buckled inside the stroller but scraped his forehead on the sidewalk.

Witnesses called police after they tried to help but Chesser allegedly made a rude gesture with his and crotch while his wife allegedly threatened to beat them up.

Officers arrived at the scene where Chesser TMs wife said they had just left a Child Protective Services class because their other two children had been taken away by social workers.

Chesser TMs wife told police that her husband was in control of the stroller but misjudged the curb and did not mean to injure their son.

Investigators reported that officers believed Chesser knowingly and recklessly put his son in danger.

Police reported that the boy had torn pants, had dirty feet from not wearing any shoes and appeared very hungry when given crackers by an officer.

Court records show Chesser had a criminal record for marijuana and theft in the Bonham and Tyler going back to 2000.

Chesser remains in custody under a $10,000 bond at the Cameron County Jail.