Put Some Sizzle in Your Labor Day with Hot Recipes!

Today, thousands of people across the RGV will be celebrating Labor Day with good eats and treats. Instead of the usual carne asada fare, why not put some sizzle in your meal?

Adrian Cruz, a chef with Traveler Gastropub and Dine Bar in McAllen, had some advice for our viewers this morning on Sunrise.

He suggests swapping out meat for pork and making a glaze in addition to a simple marinade.

He also showcased a twist on salad and presentation.

Recipes Courtesy of Adrian Cruz:

Royal melon rubrics' cube salad with tuna, cucumber, watermelon, and kiwi

1 slice of watermelon2 kiwis1 cucumber1 slice of feta cheese1 8oz ahi tuna2 oz of ginger citrus vinaigrette2 radishes

Directions get a watermelon and cut into 2 inch square do the same with the kiwi, tuna, feta, and cucumber. Layer puzzle squares one on top of the other and you get a rubrics' cube.

Smoked beer bone in pork topped with ufo hefeweizen pineapple citrus glaze

1 bone in pork chop 1/2 cup of wood chips socked in beer.1 tbls of house salt. 1/2 an onion3 tblsp of fresh garlic

ufo hefeweizen beer glaze.1 .12 oz beer bottle2 cups of fresh orange juice2 cups of sugar3 fresh oranges4 tablespoons of vinegar2 pinches of salt 1/2 cup pineapple.

Apple and pear slaw.

1 whole apple cleaned and sliced .1 whole Asian pear cleaned and sliced 1/2 a carrot Julian cut1 bunch of cilantro.

DirectionsSeason the bone in pork chop then let it marinate for an hr get the smoker going, infuse the smoke, and let it evaporate so the pork can pick up the Smokey flavors.

Get yourself a inside grill pan and sear the chop till its cooked to perfection wants its cook set aside and let it rest.

The apple pear slaw what you do is clean and peel apples and pears and let them soak in lemon water and ice for a 20 min time limit wants that TMs done take them out and Julianne slice them real thin toss together with honey lime and vinegar and, cilantro then set aside. For the ufo beer citrus glaze get to cups of freshly squeezed orange juice, 2 cups of sugar, 4 tblsp of vinegar, 2 pinches of salt, and 1/2 a pineapple diced simmer for about 1 hour on medium heat. And set aside.