Putting lives on the line to help others

For over ten years members of the Mission Fire Department have been suiting up, ready to jump in and rescue those trapped in rising water.A lot of people see the current and don TMt see it as a big problem, said Captain Joel Dominguez. What people don TMt see is the under current|that TMs what will take you under.In the past couple of weeks these men have been working tirelessly rescuing people from the rising Rio Grande River.In less than a week the team rescued 14 people from rising waters. Putting their own lives on the line to do this. You can TMt just stop, said Mission Fire Department Engineer Rene Alvarez. As soon as you let go of the throttle the current is going to start moving the boat.Dominguez told Action 4 news that his team does not just cover the Valley, he said they go wherever they are needed.He said they are trained in everything from water rescue to land rescues.Even knowing the dangers and obstacles they face, these men continue to risk their lives to save others.