Putting pressure on illegal practices of "Politiqueros"

Citizens Against Voter Abuse is trying to stop politiqueras

They will do just about anything to get their candidate TMs name out there.

"Politiqueras" and "Politiqueros" are now looked at as something entirely different than campaign workers.

Mary Helen Flores, the found of C.A.V.A., Citizens Against Voter Abuse, says the name "politiquera" is now synonymous with the dark side of the campaign process.

That's why this group was started in 2010 to put a dent in the illegal activities.

CAVA members do their investigating at polling locations across Cameron County and now they have the backing of the District Attorney's Public Integrity Unit to help crack down on politiqueras and politiqueros in the wrong.

Since CAVA was created, there have been two politiqueras indicted.

The district attorney says its serious business with very serious consequences.

Together these agencies are pounding the pavement to make sure Cameron County voters don't have their voice suppressed by someone doing dirty dealings to get their candidate elected.

If you believe someone is coercing you into voting a certain way, CAVA says you should contact the elections administrators TM office or report it to the Cameron County District Attorney's office.