Rabies case confirmed in Brownsville

Its an issue that vets are pushing for.

Making sure pet owners get their pets up to date on rabies shots.

Just this year, there have been two cases of rabies in Cameron County and two in Webb County.

It TMs not unusual for us to get bats in South Texas, one in 10 bats that are found, comes back positive for rabies" said Dr. Laura Robinson with Department of State Health Services.

The first bat that tested positive for rabies was found in a wall of a San Benito Elementary School.

The most recent, was found just a few days ago at a warehouse in Brownsville.

"There TMs probably a lot of other cases out there that we don TMt know about said Frank Quinones. It TMs just a matter of coming in contact with one"

Frank Quinones with the Harlingen Humane Society said often times, pet owners don't vaccinate, because of costs.

However the shelter offers low costs shots for nine dollars.

According to Dr. Robinson, it TMs a state law.

Health officials say if you see a bat on the ground, don't touch it.

Instead contact your local animal control.

If you suspect your pet has been infected with rabies, contact your veterinarian immediately.

You can also watch for symptoms such as sickness and foaming of the mouth.