Racing with child lands men in jail

Juan Antonio Gomez // Brownsville PD

Two men are behind bars for allegedly racing on the expressway with a toddler.

Brownsville police arrested Juan Antonio Gomez and Edgar Rodriguez after they responded to a minor accident.

The incident happened on the 6700 block of Expressway 77.

According to police, 22-year-old Gomez was driving a red Camaro and Rodriguez was driving the black Mustang.

Brownsville police told Action 4 News the men said a white Sedan cut off Gomez causing him to lose control of the vehicle and crashing into the center barrier.

Rodriguez told police that he stopped because he knew Gomez.

Authorities investigated the incident and reported that the two men were racing when the Sedan got in their course.

Police said that Rodriguez TMs three-year-old son was in the vehicle during the alleged racing.

No injuries were reported from the accident.

The child is in the custody of the grandmother.

Both men were charged with racing on the highway.

Brownsville police charged 20-year-old Rodriguez with child endangerment.

The bond for Gomez and Rodriguez is pending.