Racy police officer pics result in charges

At her attorney's side, Laura De Leon explained what motivated her to post racy photos of Brownsville police officer Nancy Alanis on Facebook.

"Without thinking, I just did it, said De Leon. Because I had just gotten out of work and this is what my nine-year-old showed me."

De Leon is a Brownsville police dispatcher.

Her husband is a Brownsville police officer.

De Leon told Action 4 News her daughter discovered the photos of Officer Alanis while playing on her husband's phone.

De Leon admitted anger took over.

"Because my nine-year-old just showed me, without thinking about it, I just got them and uploaded them, said De Leon.

Not only did De Leon upload the photos, she said she also left a message on the woman's phone and sent her text messages.

"Leave my family alone. Stay away from the house and my daughter, and that is all I told her, said De Leon.

De Leon is now charged with telephone and online harassment.

When Officer Alanis first filed a report against De Leon, De Leon and her husband were put on administrative leave with pay.

A month later, De Leon's husband was allowed to return to work.

De Leon was not.

She's now on administrative leave without pay, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation against her.

De Leon's lawyer is Brownsville attorney Veronica Farias.

She told Action 4 News it is unfair De Leon is the only employee in trouble.

She said she thinks once a text message is sent, its contents become public.

Farias has a history of cases against the Brownsville Police Department.

Action 4 News asked her if she has an agenda with this case.

She said no.