Raid uncovers small meth lab in San Juan

Three people are in custody after San Juan police find a Meth Lab in the attic of their home.

Police said Teresa Dawn Burton, Joseph Shane Brooks, and Lauren Ashley Marley were cooking methamphetamines in the attic of their home"located at 217 East Sunset in San Juan.

Police said the meth lab is the first of its kind in the City of San Juan"but meth is not a new drug to the city.

"We have seen an increase in methamphetamine being transported through this area, Chief Juan Gonzalez said. We haven't seen a high usage in this area"but a lot of seizures have been made."

Gonzalez said he does not believe the trio was selling the highly addictive drug but using it for personal use.

Gonzalez said there was a two-year-old inside the home at the time of the raid"that child has been turned over to Child Protective Services.

All three suspects were charged with possession of a controlled substance and given a $5,000 bond.