Railroad track fire threatens Brownsville homes

Omar Jaramillo

Cell phone video caught neighbors scrambling to put out flames.

A fire in Brownsville Thursday spread along railroad tracks from Tandy Road to Boca Chica Boulevard.

A train passing through may have sparked, catching nearby dry grass on fire.

The fire nearly reached Omar Jaramillo's home.

"My cousin and I, we started turning off the fire with the hose," said Jaramillo.

Nieces, nephews and cousins living next door kept the blaze at bay.

"We kept on with the hose, buckets with water," said Jaramillo.

A bigger concern was if flames got to a nearby gas pipe.

"If it explodes, my house goes away and their house goes away," said Jaramillo.

Luckily no one's home was hurt.

Quick action from Jaramillo's family proved successful.

"Actually the fire started to recede and right when it started to recede, the real firefighters came and put the fire out, said neighbor and family member Elmo Aycock.

Firefighters spent several hours extinguishing flames and the hot spots that followed, not only by Jaramillo TMs home but also at several areas along the railroad tracks.

No homes or businesses were said to be damaged in the fires.

Brownsville Fire Chief Lenny Perez said the fire department is still investigating the fire's cause.

They are not ruling out the possibility of a train spark.