Rain floods Brownsville neighborhood

After only an hour of rain, Palm Boulevard in Downtown Brownsville became invisible.

Instead, the only thing visible for blocks was rain water.

"Once I got here it got really flooded and it TMs been really hard for other people, I guess customers, to come here and eat here because it TMs flooded around here," said Anahi Del Bosque, an employee at the Las Palmas Restaurant.

They are losing out on the busy lunch hour.

"Hopefully, where the water drains, hopefully it opens up so all the water can drain out," she said.

Even though Del Bosque admitted it has flooded before when it rains, she added that it has never been as bad as now, and she is hoping the city can help them out.

Action 4 News contacted Brownsville City Manager Charlie Cabler.

He refused to go on camera, but said the city was closely monitoring the area.

Cabler added that it was just a matter of time before the water levels went down.

Action 4 News crews witnessed several city trucks drive by the area several times, and even block off parts of the street.

"I see the city people driving around but I really haven't seen any changes, Del Bosque concluded. The waters still up and I haven't seen anything going on."

All they can do now is wait for customers to return, once the water leaves.