Rain puts a damper on holiday firework sales

Fireworks displays are synonymous with New Year's Eve festivities.

Stand owners said this time of year is typically their busiest.

"Compared to Fourth of July, New Year's usually sells the big stuff right away and a lot of the small stuff. This year we didn TMt do that great, but we still sold some," said fireworks salesman Jesse Gonzalez.

Gonzalez works at this fireworks stand in Donna.

He said the rain put a real damper on the holiday spirit.

He notes that most customers purchased smaller fireworks because they said it was too cold and wet to be outside this year.

"It was supposed to be the high point of the season, the weather changed on us and it just got real bad," explained Gonzalez.

Other business owners told Action 4 News that this year they sold only 40 percent of their inventory compared to years past.

Gonzalez said it TMs disappointing, especially since he's been camping out here for the last two weeks.

"We weren TMt able to be with our families, but today we will return and head over to see our families," said Gonzalez.

While he didn't get to spend this holiday season with his family, Gonzalez is optimistic that sales will turn around come Fourth of July.

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