Rally to Improve Birth: C-Section Awareness for Women

Residents rallied at the Archer Park in McAllen.

Mothers know having a child is one of the greatest moments of your life.

But did you know that c-section rates here in the U.S. are some of the highest in the world?

And in Texas, among the highest in the entire country?

One group says, this could be putting you at dangerous risk.

Nancy Cavazos is a member of

She said rallies were held all over the world Monday to raise awareness for maternity.

It TMs important because statistics show child birth is the number one reason for hospitalization in the U.S.

One in three women will result in a cesarean section making it the number one surgery performed every year.

The group said research shows about half of these C-sections could be "preventable.

They believe profit, convenience and liability matters make it the more attractive option for health care providers to recommend to their patients who don't necessarily need it.

But is it the better option for you?

While the women advocate for what is most natural to your body, they also want what is best.