Ramon Ayala's first concert since Mexico arrest

Ramon Ayala had few words but let his music do the talking at his first public performance since being arrested in Mexico in December.

Ayala took the stage at Hidalgo's BorderFest with an accordion painted to look like the Mexican flag around 11 p.m. Saturday.

But the Norteo legend didn't speak to his audience during the 45-minute performance.

Instead, Ayala went from song to song in a performance that included favorites such as "Mi Piquito de Oro", "Tragos Amargos" and "Ya No Llores".

Thousands of cheering fans did seem to mind the drizzle coming down as they enthusiastially sang along during the outdoor concert.

Ayala took time to pose for pictures with fans and sign autographs but made no public statements about his recent arrest or any other topic.

The Hidalgo-based musician and members of the groups Los Cadetes de Linares and Grupo Torrente were arrested by Mexican authorities in December.

They were also playing at a Christmas party for the Beltran-Leyva drug cartel in Morelos when a battle with authorities broke out.

Ayala was released for health reasons while the others remained in custody as part of an ongoing investigation.

The Norteo musician's BorderFest concert followed the Wednesday release of three members of Los Cadetes de Linares and one member of Grupo Torrente.

The EFE News Agency reported the following band members were released but remain at he disposal of law enforcement officials:

  • Guadalupe Fidencio Tijerina Pea (Los Cadetes de Linares)
  • Gustavo Guerrero Garca (Los Cadetes de Linares)
  • Jorge Luis Verstegui Lerma Cant (Los Cadetes de Linares)
  • Jos Francisco Garca Corts (Grupo Torrente)

However, EFE reported that two members of Grupo Torrente and one member of Los Cadetes de Linares remain in custody:

  • Hugo Dante Grajales Cant
  • Rolando vila Muoz
  • Jos Carlos Salinas Rodrguez

The three have been charged with drug trafficking and weapons charges along with 11 alleged members of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel:

  • Roberto Jaime Hernndez (aka "El Roberto")
  • Mario Alberto Vzquez Pia (aka "El Jarry")
  • Eduardo Alejandro Carballo Guilln (aka El Gallo" o "Ellalito")
  • Gerardo Leonel Gmez (aka "El Leo")
  • Roberto Jurez Cano (aka "El Beto Jurez")
  • Nicforo Nava Carvajal (aka "El Nicforo")
  • Marco Rogelio Romero Arias (aka "El Zuli" o Marco Aurelio Garca Guzmn)
  • Antonio Ruiz Gonzlez (aka "El Antonio o Tony")
  • Atanasio Reyes Vizcarra or Ignacio Domnguez Corrales (aka "Nacho")
  • Roberto Castillo Adame or Jos Alexander Garca Hidalgo (aka "El Roberto")
  • Carlos Eduardo Martell Delgado (aka "El Carlitos")

Ayala had cancelled a concert citing the ongoing criminal case in Mexico.

The BorderFest concert was his first public appearance since his December arrest.