Ranchers and religious pray for rain in San Isidro

Gray skies hovered the dry lands of San Isidro Saturday, giving ranchers a false hope for some rain.

Rancher Isauro Prueda said the last he can recall of any significant rain at his ranch is about three months ago.

"The drought has affected us a lot, he said.

Prueda said cattle ranches in San Isidro are taking a severe hit from what some in the community are calling the worst drought in Texas.

Without rain, the land has dried out, eliminating a food source for livestock.

Some have been forced to sell their animals, because they can't afford high feed prices.

"Not only feeding, there's not enough water for (the animals), Prueda added. The windmills go dry also - no matter how deep you go, you keep getting water, but sometimes it's not enough."

Pruneda said cattle are trying to adapt, however, many are falling victim to the drought and dying.

Taking note of the desperation, church leaders are taking action.

They will host a prayer walk Sunday to unite their congregation to ask God for rain.

It's said to be the third prayer walk this year and neighbors here said both times it worked, and the town got rain.

Prueda hopes Sunday TMs prayer walk will bring a much needed downpour.

"I TMm a Catholic, I believe in the good Lord and I believe that we will get something - some rain, Prueda said. But we really need it.

Some states up north are getting more than they need, and we have nothing."

Xavier Prueda is Isauro Prueda's grandson.

He said his family is doing all they can to keep their ranch from drying out, and the wildlife from dying.

"We do pray for rain, and right now it's a beautiful day - I wish it was raining right now actually," Xavier Prueda said.

He adds the drought has taught him a very valuable lesson.

"Whatever little resources we have, what ever animals we have, take care of them, Xavier Prueda said.