Rancher's goats used for 'target practice' in Starr County

Ranchland as far as the eye can see along miles and miles of dirt road.

But a serene area has now become a hunting ground that has left rancher Terry Lynch with five dead goats.

"We came out here about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and we had three dead goats," Lynch said.

Some 24 hours later two more goats are found dead on Lynch's property. But it was not the scorching heat that killed the animals---all five of the goats had at least one bullet hole that pierced their bodies.

"Someone was using them for target practice," Lynch said.

He showed us where the first three goats were found murdered--- each goat was shot within mere feet of each other.

"I just don't know why anyone would just go out and kill something to kill it," Lynch said.

Lynch said the loss of these goats set him back about $1,000 dollars. But it is not just the money that has Lynch upset about these senseless killings.

"They're just out here killing them and letting the meat go to waste when you have millions of people starving out there."

He said there is not much he can do with the meat now because it has been baking in the hot sun for far too long.

"That's a lot to feed a lot of hungry folks," Lynch said. "I can't even give the meat away because it could make someone sick. I don't know how long they've been dead."

Lynch said he is not alone in this fight for justice. He said a rancher just up the road had two of his goats killed Friday morning.

Starr County Sheriff Department deputies are on the case--trying to find clues into who shot these poor defenseless animals.