Ranchers in desperate need of water

Thousands of acres.

Underneath the surface lies hope for many.

"Well we'd like to see some sweet moisture," Long time rancher, Wesley Valerius said

Instead many ranchers and farmers are seeing clumps of dirt.

Texas is still suffering in drought.

He said, "99 percent of farming is dealing with mother nature she TMs the one dealing with all the cards."

Valerius said the problem is that they are running out of water in the Rio Grande water shed.

The precious resource has helped him get through the last two years.

But due to the lack of rain... access to the water has been limited and it TMs not sufficient to carry the crop through.

"If we are not able to raise a crop then we won TMt be able to earn an income," Valerius said.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor the entire state remains in severe drought mode.

Its not just farmers being affected. Valerius said consumers could soon feel it too.

Due to supply and demand. We could see prices at the grocery store rise so, the need for rain... Is critical.

"That particular field has been irrigated with the little water we do have, we TMll plant sorghum on it|it will do less with less water, so we will hope for the best." Valerius said he remains stable right now but his partners just north of the valley have been hit very hard.

Most of them having to liquidate their cattle.

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