Rancho Viejo girl continues fight against cancer

When Action 4 News first met 5-year-old Mia Salazar six months ago her hair had barely began to grow back.

Mia is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Take a look at her now, and you wouldn't know it.

"I feel sick sometimes, but I'm not sick anymore," said Mia.

With a full head of curly hair, Mia's confidence is soaring.

My hair is so pretty," said Mia.

Yet Mia TMs battle with cancer drags on.

Mia has spent a big part of her little life in the hospital.

She can describe the process of getting a shot as if she went to nursing school.

And these days Mia is in school.

She started Kindergarten last month.

Mia's mom, Emily Salazar, said Mia is succeeding in school except for the days side effects of chemotherapy kick in.

"You'll get a normal for a couple weeks where things are good, things are smooth, said Salazar. And then up pops a side effect of the chemo, and they're sick for a day and in Mia's case she's still having seizures every two weeks, and so that puts her in a two day funk where she doesn't eat, she has migraines.

Mia had a seizure right after Action 4 left her house.

Mia is expected to undergo chemotherapy for one more year.

Mia TMs family is hoping to help other children battling cancer.

They created the Miracle in Action foundation in Mia's honor.

The MIA Foundation aims to provide care packages for the child and their parents within 24 hours of diagnosis.

It also hopes to provide money for gas, hotel and meals in the first 72 hours of diagnosis.

The following items are recommended for donation:

Activity books for kids Coloring books Markers Stuffed animals Hats for kids Kids Snacks: animal crackers, juice boxes, etc.

For the parents:

Coffee packets Tea Snacks Journals Pens Bottled water Shampoo Conditioner Laundry soap Baby Wipes Soap or Body wash Lotion Toothpaste Toothbrushes Hair brushes Lint brushes

If you would like to hold a fundraiser for any of the above items or would like to donate money, contact Emily Salazar at